Anselmi Ridge Subdivision

Anselmi Ridge Subdivision - the project is a residential development for McConnell Properties.... READ MORE

Air Park Stage 1 & 2

Industrial Development - the project is a significant industrial land development of about 80 hectares near Auckland Airport. ... READ MORE

Kirkdale Investments

The project is a residential land development project for Kirkdale Investments and due to our performance and quality of work the last six stages were negotiated as extensions to the existing... READ MORE

Feature Project

Hampton Downs

Hampton Downs

Ross Reid Contractors were the main contractors and the project was initially tendered as preload works for a value of $4.7 million. The client was satisfied with our performance on the project and involved us on a partnership basis for future stages of the project. ... READ MORE

About Us

From the Beginning

From the Beginning

Ross Reid Contractors have been in the construction industry since 1954 and have one of the largest fleets of earth moving and construction equipment. We currently own and operate over 200 items of plant and equipment.... READ MORE

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